The Incredible Hulk

Here is a sculpt for a private commission that I was asked to work on recently. I only worked on the face likeness and hair. The rest of the body, base and art direction were done by other talented artists.
"The Incredible Hulk".
-Inspired from Louis Letterier's epic movie and Dale Keown comics style.
- Sculpted by :
Guillaume Vanson (pose and body).
Andre Ferwerda (Body, textures, head, base and details).
Will Higgins (head, likeness).
- Concept,anatomy proportions and art direction: Nissim Taieb

Great job by the other guys

Will higgins hulk 01

My task was to make the hair and likeness from the The Incredible Hulk film with Edward Norton

Will higgins zbrushclay

The final zbrush sculpt.

Will higgins polypaint

polypainted version using masking tools to simulate traditional painting techniques such as inking and drybrushing.

Will higgins hulk 05

Keyshot render